The Top 5 Best Pet Insurance Companies Revealed

Like a puppy committed to chewing everything in the house, we are committed to finding the top pet insurance companies (without the expensive repercussions of sofa chewing). Our team of researchers, many of them pet owners, know what its like having a furry friend in the house. They also understand the importance of pet insurance and were determined to make sense of all the different companies and policies available. After raising a puppy that loves to chew everything in sight my self [and dealing with the vet bills], I feel a sense of obligation to provide the most in depth research and reviews for the best pet insurance companies. The competition was fierce and each insurance provider in the top five proved it self as a worthy candidate. However, a winner must be crowned & the best pet insurance company of 2016 had to be named…

The Best Pet Insurance Company – Pet Plan


We love our pets and so does Petplan! When reviewing each company we looked deeper than the homepage and advertisements to really find out what each insurance provider is all about. Petplan is build with a solid foundation which understands that for many of us our beloved pets are more family members than just a cat or dog. Building off this strong ideology, Petplan created affordable (around $1-$2/day) pet insurance policies to give pet owners peace of mind.

One of our favorite things about the Petplan website is that it is just as much a resource for pet owners as it is a portal to signing up for pet insurance. The site offers information about protecting your pet from common accidents as well as a complete guide for those planning to get a puppy. The feel that Petplan gives of is that of preventative and helpful more than strategic placements to encourage sign ups. For those researching pet insurance, this is a huge help and one can learn a lot from clicking around!

Petplan offers the industries best discounts with a maximum discount of 15% available (20% for veterinary professionals). All of the policies are custom build by You, the pet owner, and are priced based on the options that you choose. Additional options include wellness coverage which is not typically available with other major pet insurance providers. The team at Petplan are committed to helping and have been consistently ranked as one of the top customer service providers.

#2 Pet Insurance Company – Pets Best

Providing insurance plans for as little as $19/month, the policies at Pets Best are very affordable and the website is a breeze to use when requesting a free quote. Pets Best offers insurance for your cat, dog and gives discounts for multiple pet coverage. Like the other insurance companies, Pets Best offers customization plans to fit your budget and the needs of your four legged friend.

When shopping for a plan, you can get as much or as little coverage as you see fit for your cat or dog. At the highest price point is BestWellness coverage and BestBenefit plans that will have your pet covered for just about everything from routine check ups at the vet to major medical issues. The other end of the spectrum is accident only plans that are much cheaper but only cover major accidents like snake bites, broken legs or accidental swallowing.

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#3 Pet Insurance Company – Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws

Born through the love for animals, Healthy Paws has grown to one, if not the, largest pet insurance company nationwide. Strategically partnered with Aon Corporation, the worlds largest insurance broker with over $30 billion in assets, and using Ace Group (over $25 billion in surplus) as their underwriter, Healthy Paws has the financial strength to ensure longevity and consumer confidence.

Healthy Paws pet insurance offers policies for as low as $15 a month for cats and $25 a month for dogs. Their efficient App provides paperless claim filing gets your claims processed in as little as 3 – 10 business days. Getting the policy is just as easy, simple fill out the online form here. Once you apply for the insurance plan, there is a short 15 day waiting period before the insurance becomes active.

Going a step further, Healthy Paws has its own foundation that provides support to helping rescue animals get the medical treatment they need as well as finding them forever homes. Each time someone gets a quote through Healthy Paw’s website, the company makes a donation to partner animal shelters.

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#4 Pet Insurance Company – Embrace Pet Insurance


Embrace Pet Insurance is the only provider on the podium that provides wellness coverage. Wellness Coverage is another way of saying routine care, which is basically your yearly vet check ups. Embrace offers $250, $450 and $650 allowances for routine care that can be used towards the cost of check ups, rabies vaccinations, flea & tick medications, microchipping and other items not covered under insurance.

Filing claims and getting reimbursements with Embrace was not as easy as with Trupanion and Healthy Paws although it was better than many others reviewed. Where Embrace truly shines in our opinion is with the vast amount of options that you can add on to your policy.  In addition to all these add on’s they offer great discounts like 5% off if your pet is spayed/neutered or 5% off for multiple pets, being in the military or paying your bill annually. You can learn more about Embrace discounts and options by clicking here.

If you are still skeptical on pet insurance, Embrace offers catastrophic pet insurance (also referred to as major medical) which just covers the major injuries and illnesses. This is a much cheaper alternative if you want to pay for the small stuff on your own and have peace of mind that someone is there to help you if a $10,000 vet bill is thrown your way. An example of Embrace major medical pet insurance would be a policy that has a higher deductible ($500-$1,000) and offers $15,000 in per year with no per-incident limits.

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#5 Pet Insurance Company for 2016 – Trupanion


The team at Trupanion literally surrounds themselves with pets everyday. Their pet friendly office located in Seattle Washionton has a puppy play area in the front lobby complete with blankets and beds for the staff to let their pets relax while they stay busy helping other pet owners [lovers].

The plan that Trupanion offers is simple and packed full of everything you need to keep your pet healthy and happy. Instead of multiple plans with variable options and confusing policy contracts, Trupanion has one simple plan that helps make it easy to decide. The reimbursement for its plan is, an industry high, 90% and has no hidden fees and no payout limits. You choose the deductible that is right for you, ranging from $0-$1000 and you will still be covered at 90% after it is meet. The customer service is where Trupanion crushes the competition with 24/7 domestic customer service from actual pet owners [lovers].

When dealing with pet illness or injury you do not want to have to deal with a hard to file claim. Trupanion knows this and takes pride in their easy to file claims and quick (typically within 7 days) claim settlement. To make life even easier, Trupanion can even pay your vet directly so you do not have to pay out of pocket.

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Pet Insurance Purchasing Tips

Here are a couple main points to remember when building your pet insurance plan:

  • In general, the higher the deductible the lower your monthly premium will be, the lower the deductible the higher your monthly premium will be.
  • The reimbursement percentages will affect the overall price of your policy; higher reimbursements (90-100%) with generally make the premium cost more than lower reimbursements (70-80%).
  • Wellness coverage or major medical coverage is a cheaper option but only offers limited coverage on ‘smaller’ illnesses or injuries. It has a higher deductible ($500-$1,000), but can cover to $15,000 or more of the vet bill.
  • Analyze your budget and your dogs physical nature prior to looking at policies. Write down the major things you want covered prior to looking at the different pet insurance websites so you know exactly what your furry friend needs.

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