Dr. Norms Cookie Review

Dr. Norms CBD Cookies are my new favorite edible. For the last few months I have been trying to find the right match for dosing CBD daily. After trying tinctures, gummies, and everything in between, I still couldn’t find a daily CBD supplement that I was excited to take.

The CBD space is flooded with new brands jockeying for position by offering pretty much everything under the sun instead of focusing on what the consumer actually need – easy to dose, consistent CBD products.  

Enter Dr. Norms. This brand is founded by a brother-sister team whose father was a celebrated doctor (his name was Dr. Norm). The late Dr. Norm treated every patient like family and knew that laughter is truly the best medicine. In honor of their dad, Dr. Norm, the team developed an easy to dose CBD edible that instantly puts a smile on your face.

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Why I Love CBD Cookies

The work schedule I maintain calls for early mornings, often starting at 4am. Because of this, I am very big on my morning coffee routine. Sometimes going a bit overboard on caffeine before eating breakfast. Having a Dr. Norms as part of my morning routine lets me slow down for a new minutes, enjoy a delicious CBD cookie with my coffee, and plan out how my day is going to go.

It is amazing how little things can make a big difference. During my quest for the perfect CBD daily supplement, I would just take a quick dropper of CBD from a tincture and keep going. Now, I spend a bit of time for myself, eating a Dr. Norms CBD Cookie and sipping on fresh pour over coffee.

The Best CBD Edible

My schedule was once like a run-a-way train – the morning starts on the tracks any by the afternoon the brakes are gone and we are blasting full steam ahead in every direction as I max out my caffeine tolerance. Now, using a daily supplement of CBD, I am able to keep my schedule on track with better focus.

Using Dr. Norms precision dosed cookies has allowed me to dial in the optimal amount of CBD to take each day. This has been very effective in helping me find balance in my schedule. I eat one 15mg cookie with my coffee after I had my breakfast (usually cereal or eggs & toast). This gets me in the zone to crush my work schedule for the next 4-5 hours. I then take a break for working out and lunch.

After this I eat another 15mg cookie with a 2nd cup of coffee. I found that having a 2nd cookie after the gym helps with inflammation and increases my recovery time. On this schedule I go through about 10 cookies a week, 1 bag. To save money, I purchase the 12 pack of cookies from Dr. Norms ($204) which lasts me around 3 months.

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To get started on a delicious CBD supplement routine, you can order a few bags of Dr. Norms cookies today for 20% off the already discounted sale price by using coupon code TRYCBDCOOKIES at checkout.

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