The streamlined website that has created helps to ease the pain of having to sign up for a credit repair service. Complete with informative videos that walk you through the entire repair process, the ease of use is a nice refresher when dealing with repairing your credit.

Make the most of your credit repair process with add on features like a sleek mobile app and credit monitoring. Analyze your individual credit repair needs prior to clicking to a credit repair site as many, including, direct you to their most current promotional offer. While these are a great deal, they may not always be the best fit for you credit repair situation. Contract Info

  • $89.95/month Subscription fee
  • $89.95 Initial Fee
  • $12.95 Fee for a copy of your Credit Report
  • Easy phone and email customer service
  • $50 Off Military Discount
  • Referral discounts available. Pricing

Initial Fee to Sign up: $89.95

Monthly Fee thereafter: $89.95/month

Fee to Pull Credit Report: Additional $12.95 at signup Features

  • Free consultation over the phone with your assigned representative
  • Customized Game Plan created and available on the website to illustrate how CreditRepair plans to tackle your specific credit issues.
  • Detailed analysis and a copy of your credit report
  • Mobile App to keep you informed on the status of your credit repair
  • Solid customer service and A+ Better Business Bureau ranking.