Equifax ID Patrol Review

why we like them

Who better than to get identity protection from than one of the leaders in credit reporting! Needless to say, Equifax offers credit score monitoring and reporting with all of their identity protection packages. With packages starting at just $16.95, the Equifax ID Patrol package is one of the most affordable and comprehensive. All the packages are designed to protect more than just your credit but also your social security info, address, name and family information.

Equifax Contract Info

  • Monthly contract, Cancel at any time
  • No Activation Fee
  • $16.95 Minimum Monthly Service Cost
  • AARP & USAA Member Discounts Available

Equifax Pricing

Equifax ID Patrol: $16.95/month

Equifax Complete Premier: $19.99/month

Equifax Complete Family Plan: $29.99/month

Equifax Features

Information When You Need It

  • Enjoy daily credit file monitoring and alerts of key changes to your Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion credit files
  • See your 3-bureau credit scores and profile – once every 12 months
  • Get unlimited access to your Equifax Credit Score™

The Equifax Credit Score and 3-Bureau credit scores are based on an Equifax Credit Score model and are not the same scores used by 3rd parties to assess your creditworthiness.3

Be in Control

  • Track your Equifax Credit Score™, and see how it changes over time
  • Ability to set up wireless alerts through our Member Center(wireless charges may apply)
  • Ability to set up financial alerts on your accounts (credit card and bank accounts)
  • Auto fraud alertsencourage lenders to take steps to verify your identity before authorizing new or additional credit
  • The ability to lock and unlock your Equifax Credit Report™6
  • The ability to become informed if your personal information (social security number or credit card information) is being used on the Internet through the WebDetect™ feature7

Greater Peace of Mind

  • Feel more confident, with up to $1MM Identity Theft Protection8
  • Access to an identity theft specialist should you become a victim of identity theft
  • Lost wallet protection – One-stop assistance in canceling and reissuing credit/debit cards, Driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, insurance cards, passports and traveler’s checks when a wallet is lost or stolen