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Gold Medal Wine Club Review

Never feature's bulk wines, private labels, or close outs. Each selection is a genuine, small-production wine crafted by a winery with their family’s reputation on the line in each and every bottle.

A wine club membership can make for a nice gift, or an enjoyable experience for yourself. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or you just want to expand your horizons, there is a great value for you made possible by Gold Medal Wine Club. Their site is organized well and selecting a club membership is simple. They offer 6 different possible memberships to choose from and enough variety to satisfy most wine drinkers. From the largest wine snobs with deep pockets to the social drinkers trying new things, the experience is almost always good with this club and you’ll be hard-pressed trying to find a bad review. Most of their wines are awarded medals by national wine publications, and they avoid featuring bulk wines, private label, or close outs. They also offer non-members the ability to purchase bottles of wine from them in case you don’t drink that much but you enjoy the quality of their selection.

You can choose a certain number of shipments to receive and pay up front, or select a “pay as you go” monthly option. On the off chance you don’t like their selection after a few months, fret not, you can cancel at any time without fees. And you get a refund for any bottles that you return unless they cannot restock them for whatever reason. Their replacement policy covers any bottles that are damaged, uncorked, or the wrong bottle. With a membership, not only do you get access to many unique, award winning, and hard-to-find wines, but you get them at a low price for the quality. Gold Medal Wine Club really takes their role seriously when it comes to vetting their selection. And if you’re buying it as a gift, they have plenty of options to go best with the person you’re shopping for.

Gold Medal Wine Club Contract Information

  • All shipments contain 2 or 4 bottles, with the exception of the International membership which ships 3
  • All shipments are monthly, with the exception of the Diamond and International Clubs which ship quarterly
  • Prices do not include shipping, which differs depending on location
  • After 3 unsuccessful deliveries, they reserve the right to charge the carrier fee
  • You can cancel at any point and there are no fees
  • Over 2.5 million shipments
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Save up to 40% off winery retail
  • No sign-up fees
  • No monthly dues
  • No minimum obligation
  • 6 incredible clubs to choose from

Gold Medal Wine Club Pricing

Gold Wine Club: $39/month

Platinum Wine Club: $89/month

Garagiste Wine Club: $75/month

Pinot Noir Wine Club: $74/month

Diamond Wine Club: $179/quarter

International Wine Club: $75/quarter

gold medal wine club review

Gold Wine Club Features

  • Mixed: one white and one red (sometimes two reds)  OR two whites $37
  • Two of the same red $39
  • Gold Plus Bottle $19 – $22 per month
  • 10% off for doubling the shipment to 4 bottles
  • Up to an additional 10% off for 12 shipments
  • All medal-winning wines from boutique wineries
  • Informative color publication provided with each shipment

Platinum Wine Club Features

  • Mostly Reds ($89 per shipment) or Reds Only ($99 per shipment) options
  • Extra 5% off for doubling shipment sizes
  • Up to Additional 10% off for 12 shipments
  • Platinum Plus Bottle $39 – $49/ month
  • Mostly 90+ ratings
  • Newsletter delivered with each shipment

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Garagiste Wine Club Features

  • Mostly Reds ($75) or Reds Only ($85) options
  • Small-lot wines from independent artisan wineries
  • Quality is comparable to that of the Platinum Plan
  • Mostly from California but some from Oregon and Washington

Pinot Noir Wine Club Features

  • $74 per shipment
  • All Pinot Noirs
  • 2 bottles or 4 bottles with two of them being the same
  • Average 93-94 points

Diamond Wine Club Features

  • $179 per shipment
  • Almost Always Reds or Reds Only options
  • Minimum rating of 93
  • Average of 95 – 96
  • Quarterly Shipments only
  • Only 500 members
  • Diamond Plus Bottle costs $60 – $90 a month

International Wine Club Features

  • $75 per shipment
  • Each shipment features a different country
  • Quarterly
  • %5 off for ordering 4 shipments
  • Gourmet Adventure Pack ($25) contains food items related to the country to go along with the wine
  • Average rating 92 – 93