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What we love about Lively by Great Call

Small Device – Big On Features

GreatCall has been the long time leader in medical alert devices and their latest device, lively, has set a new high bar for urgent response devices. The lively device has all the features that you would expect and a low price that is expected, $24.99 during Black Friday Special.

The lively medical alert device is the perfect urgent response system and is packed with features including:

  • Waterproof – Travels with you everywhere.
  • No Home Installation – No Base Unit Required
  • Completely Mobile – On the largest cellular network
  • Fall Detection – Lively calls for help when a fall is detected
  • Health and Safety options available
  • Highly Trained Agents – Assist in any situation
  • Easy to wear device

About GreatCall Medical Alert Devices

GreatCall is one of the largest emergency response providers in the USA and specializes in senior citizen oriented smart phones, medical alert devices and urgent response. Their 5Star Urgent Response service gives you immediate access to trained medical professionals; providing peace of mind for you and your family.

How Lively Medical Alert Device Works

The lively device can be worn as a necklace, on your belt or even attached to a keychain. In the event of an emergency, simple press the large button in the middle and you will have access to a certified agent. The agent can help with contacting a family member, calling a locksmith, or calling emergency medical services. In addition to push button help, the lively device can detect a fall and call for emergency services.

What we think about lively

The device it self is just the right size; about that of a pager (for those that remember what that is). You can choose from silver or gold color and have the option of wearing the device or carrying it in its provided protective case. Built well, you can fell safe that in the event of a fall, the device will not break and will be able to call for help as it is designed to do.

We really like that lively is waterproof and 100% mobile. Having a device that restricts your range and can’t hold up to the elements does not make sense. Lively can travel with you and provide peace of mind where ever you go.

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