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GreatCall Lively Review

What we love about the Lively device

The GreatCall Lively Medical Alert Device is a great solution for people that want extra mobility and range from their service. They offer a fully mobile device that is connected to one of the nations largest mobile networks so you or your loved ones never have to worry about being out of range. Additionally, the product provides GPS information so that should something happen while out of the house, the professional emergency response team from GreatCall will know exactly where to send help. With a reasonable monthly price, they are one of our top choices for Medical Alert Systems.

GreatCall Contract Info

  • Month to Month Contract – Cancel Anytime
  • $49 Device Cost
  • $19.99 Minimum Monthly Service Cost
  • Price Lock Guaranteed
  • AARP & USAA Member Discounts Available

GreatCall Lively Pricing

Basic Plan: $19.99/month

Preferred Plan: $24.99/month

Ultimate Plan: $34.99/month

Device Cost: $49 – one time fee.

GreatCall Features

GreatCall Lively Review – Features & Benefits

  • Fall Detection – Will automatically alert the response agents if a fall is detected
  • Waterproof – add a lanyard, wrist strap, or belt clip to take it wherever you go
  • GPS Tracking – allows medical response teams to find your exact location in an emergency
  • 24 Hour Response – 7 Days a week with live support staff and access to doctors or nurses.
  • Mobile network connected – allowing you to enjoy the security of a medical alert device without being confined to your home