Healthy Paws Promo Code

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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Review

Insurance in general can be complicated as it is. Fortunately for us, the people at Healthy Paws understood this and created an easy to understand website with easy to understand insurance policies for your pet. Skip the fine print and clutter that many insurance sites hide behind, Healthy Paws shows you exactly what you are getting and makes it simple to choose the right plan for you animal(s).

Consistently ranked as the top pet insurance company, Healthy Paws is not joke. You will get the best customer service and the best care when it comes to using your insurance. The mobile app makes it simple to file claims and takes the hassle out of filing paper work.

Healthy Paws Contract Info

  • Unlimited Lifetime Coverage
  • Lifetime coverage of hip-dysplasia when you enroll your pet before the age of six.
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Easy claim filing through their mobile app
  • Short 15 day waiting period after your policy effective date.
  • 8 weeks to 14 years enrollment period

Healthy Paws Pricing

  • Plans very depending on breed of your pet
  • Lifetime discounts available
  • Month to Month Coverage

Healthy Paws Features

  • Insurance covers everything from basic illness all the way through pet hospilization
  • Hip Dysplasia and cancer is also covered.
  • Want to try something else? Alternative treatments are also covered!
  • Specialty care is also covered to make sure your pet gets the best treatment available.
  • No claim forms. Simple file your claim via the mobile app.