iolo System Shield Review

An overall very solid option for internet security which reliable software, good detection features and an affordable price tag. Complete with a really exciting artificial intelligence that tracks your behavior on the computer and learns to detect new threats. Named, ‘System Shield’, the AI program helps prevent against new or mutated viruses or other odd behavior that many security software programs would not be able to detect.

iolo Contract Info

  • 12 month minimum contract
  • Get one year of service, discounted from $49.99, for just $39.96
  • Real-Time Protection updates
  • Artificial Intelligence included
  • Promo Code Discounts Available

iolo Pricing

System Sheid: $31.96/year

System Mechanic Professional: $55.96/year

System Mechanic Business: $47.40/year

iolo Features

  • 24 hours around the clock monitor with ADT’s network of professional emergency responders
  • Fall Detection Pendant that alerts ADT in just a minute after a fall, which is then routed to their call center. This is available only with 3G service.
  • 2-Way Voice Connection – speak with a live person at ADT in case of an emergency.
  • Monthly Test Reminders to ensure that the system is still functioning
  • Backup battery that will last up to 20 hours