The Best K-Cup Coffee

They say if you do something 10,000 time than you are an expert. Going off this I am an expert a few times over on drinking coffee. My typical day starts with the 5am coffee from my Keurig, followed by the 11am latte and ending with a 2pm pick-me-up Americano. It would be an understatement to say that I love coffee, I live my life with coffee by my side and have been determined to find the best k cup coffee.

With this routine of caffeinating I go through a fair amount of K-cups and have long been looking for an affordable solution that still provides the flavor and boost I expect. I came across a Facebook ad for $0.42 k-cup coffee in bulk from Anacapa Coffee Company, a local Santa Barbara based coffee company that specializes in bulk 100 count k-cup coffee orders.

What I loved about Anacapa Coffee’s k-cup Coffee

There is a long list but I will focus on the core values that made me a loyal customer to Anacapa Coffee. First off, the price, it’s only $50 (this includes shipping, $8)  for 100 k-cup’s. Next, the fast shipping and handling. Within a day my order was on its way and with their flat rate shipping cost of $8 for USPS priority mail, my order arrived in just 2 days. Finally, for those, like myself, who have an unquenchable thirst for delicious coffee you can save an additional 7% by signing up for their subscription service with deliveries as frequent as once a month or as long as quarterly.

What Makes Anacapa Coffee the Best K Cup Coffee

If you want to put Anacapa Coffee to the test against your current favorite you can order a six-pack sampler for only $4.95, shipping is free! The sampler pack comes with:

  • 2 Dark Roast k-cup pods
  • 2 House Blend k-cup pods
  • 2 French Roast k-cup pods

Here is the best part about the sampler pack… You get a 5% coupon to use towards your purchase of the 100 unit packs! For under $5 you can get a taste of what could become your new favorite coffee and also get a coupon to save you five percent on your larger order or subscription order.

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