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To bring honest reviews and a reliable resource to you, we try to test as many of the products we review. With thousands of products and a small, Santa Barbara based team, we do occasionally have to rely on information from the companies we are reviewing as well as collaborations with other bloggers and review websites. This being said, we feel that each and every review we release has been carefully thought out and professionally prepared. Our open door policy encourages customers, companies and other reviewers to reach out to us with criticism. We are so open to it that we put our email (that is checked daily) right on our home page for anyone to contact us directly.

We have thoroughly reviewed all of the services on our website and feel that our rankings are an honest and independent assessment of the product and services offered by each company. However, in order to provide a free review service to consumers, we may be compensated via commissions for referring you to the company’s site.

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