Lifelock Ultimate Plus Review

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The most recognizable provider in identity protection, LifeLock has become a household name for ID theft protection. Backed with a $1 million insurance offer that offers financial coverage for costs incurred when reclaiming your identity. Account creation only takes a few minutes and gives you peace of mind going forward.

LifeLock Ultimate Plus protection gets you all the bells and whistles! The variety of services provided range from the industry standard online annual credit reports to the newly launched bank account application monitoring. The new checking and savings account application alerts constantly search for your personal information in new bank account applications. With this service, you will know if someone tries to change your identity data or attempts to add new account holders. Other services include:

LifeLock Contract Info

  • No yearly contract required
  • 1  Month discount with 12 month contract
  • No Activation Fee
  • $9.99 Minimum Monthly Service Cost
  • Price Lock Guaranteed
  • AARP & USAA Member Discounts Available

Lifelock Pricing

LifeLock Standard: $9.99/month ($109 yearly)

LifeLock Advantage: $19.99/month ($219 yearly)

lifelock Ultimate Plus: $29.99/month ($329 yearly)

LifeLock Ultimate Plus Features

    • Investment Account Activity Alerts: Designed to give you alerts to help detect fraudulent cash withdrawals.
    • Credit Inquiry Alerts which alert you when someone submits a credit application using your personal information.
    • Annual Credit Reports that give you access to your credit reports from three primary bureaus.
    • Annual Credit Scores to ensure you stay on track and understand how lenders evaluate your credit worthiness.
    • File-Sharing Network Searches that monitor websites and networks for exposure of your personal information.
    • Sex Offender Registry Reports that notify you when sex offenders have moved into your zip code.
    • Priority Live Member Support that puts you in touch with a US based identity protection agent for help with questions and claims.
    • All of the LifeLock Advantage services.

LifeLock Advantage Features

LifeLock Advantage provides enhanced identity theft protection. LifeLock searches court records containing your personal information to help you avoid arrest for crimes you haven’t committed. You also get monitoring of your social security number and alert you of potentially fraudulent credit card activity. You also get the following benefits.

  • Fictitious Identity Monitoring and Court Records Scanning that scans for names and addresses connecting your personal info to potentially fraudulent activity.
  • Data Breach Notifications that reports large scale breaches so you can take action to protect your private info.
  • Credit Card and Bank Account activity alerts that give you notifications of potential fraudulent transactions.
  • Online Annual Credit Reports and Score that give you details of credit history and worthiness.

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LifeLock Standard Features

LifeLock Standard to provides proactive monitoring technology and alert tools to safeguard your credit and finances. If fraud does occur, an identity restoration advocate will personally manage your case. The standard membership includes:

  • LifeLock Alert System that monitors trillion of data points for fraudulent attempts on your personal information.
  • Lost Wallet Protection quickly cancels and orders replacement credit and debit cards.
  • Address Change Verification notifies you if thieves try to divert your mail.
  • Black Market Websites Surveillance patrols over 10,000 black market websites for illegal sale of your personal information.
  • Reduces Pre-Approved Credit Card offers that limits your liability and provides increased security.
  • Live member support available from a US based agent. Just call 1-800-LifeLock.
  • $1 Million Total Service Guarantee (see website for details).

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