Lot18 Tasting Room Promo Code

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Lot18 Tasting Room Review

Lot18 has been an online retailer of quality wines from around the globe since 2010. In addition to their online store, they also offer their signature wine club “Tasting Room.” What separates their offering from other wine clubs is the tasting kit they send you for your first shipment. You sip through 6 mini bottles of different varietals, and then you go online to your wine profile and state your preferences. This gives you a much more personal experience, as over time you can continue to rate different wines and affect the deliveries you receive.

Lot18 Contract Info

  • Cancel at any time with no fees
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Lot18 Pricing

  • $9.95 for the tasting kit
  • $149 for cases of 12 bottles
  • $19.99 for shipping

Their spiel is that they can deliver a $20 wine for $13

Lot18 Features

  • Wines from 10 of the world’s most renowned wine-producing countries
  • Earn rewards for referring friends
  • Change preferences and delivery options via your online account
  • Wine from their store tends to be 20-40% off of retail price
  • Reorder favorites