Always be updated on the latest news and trends in the Peer to Peer (P2P) lending market via these helpful review sites and blogs.

Lending Club and Prosper Blogs

The two major lending platforms have their own official blogs that provide updates about each company. Lending Club boasts of their transparency that is why updates and any changes on data available about loans are posted here. In Proper’s blog, new president Aaaron Vermut, has recently been interacting with clients in the comments section.

Lending Club blog:
Prosper blog:

Lend Academy

Peter Renton’s blog is one of the most famous in the lending community and has been the most trusted source of information on P2P lending online. If you are just starting out, Peter’s site is a great way to learn the basics on lending and filtering. Lend Academy is always up to date on the newest scoops and news on P2P lending.

Lend Academy:

Orchard Blog

Orchard’s influence in the peer to peer lending world is large. Right now, they are helping institutional investors analyze and invest well in online loans via a new platform. Orchard’s Blog has also been a wonderful resource of data and insights from various leaders in the industry.

Orchard blog:

Random Thoughts Blog by Anil Gupta

Anil is actually a computer programmer by profession and has contributed a great deal to the lending community. He was the first person to report about Lending Club’s new proprietary grading structure. He also pointed out the sudden rise of borrowers in the Lending Club loan pool that have a public record. Now, he is working on a selection tool for Lending Club called PeerCube.

Random Thoughts:

Peer & Social Lending by Ryan Lichtenwald

A solid Lending Club blog that has reported about many new trends in the lending industry. Ryan has brought to us extensive coverage and his personal experience in Bitcoin Loans and P2P lending in Europe.

Peer & Social Lending:

LendingMemo by Simon Cunningham

This site is full of video courses for beginners as well as analysis and industry updates you can get in a monthly newsletter. Simon also talks about and reviews various lending algorithm tools and shares the personal filters he uses.


P2P Lending Tools



Now called NSR Invest, Michael and Rocco’s peer to peer lending statistics and research site continues to be the bread and butter of almost all retail lenders. NSR’s tools are excellent at analyzing historical loan data to do backtesting as well as finding new filters. You can also upload your Lending Club notes and data via CSV file for a more comprehensive portfolio analysis. Furthermore, there are lots of tools, statistics, and charts of industry growth that help get a picture of the overall P2P lending market, like Lending Club’s cumulative growth chart or the monthly originations chart. They also offer fund management for clients with accounts over $10,000.

NSR Platform:!/

Interest Radar

I have not used Rev’s Interest Radar very much, but other lenders profess its usefulness. It can analyze your portfolio, examine Lending Club historical loan history, and even auto-invest/auto-sell loans for you if one of your loans drops a certain distance in FICO.

Interest Radar:


We have been really amazed by the investment tool they have developed. It is lightning fast, has a very comprehensive filtering system and you can even try Dr. Bryce Mason’s P2P-Picks algorithm there. They also have a fully automated option.

Blue Vestment:

Lending Robot

Lending Robot is an auto-investment tool based in Washington State that has recently gained funding via TechCrunch. Their high-speed automation software and machine-learning algorithms helps you increase your returns without using filtering at all. Speed is their number one advantage and is highly prized in a highly competitive environment, where getting the best loans can be decided in a matter of seconds.


Peer Lending Server

Peer Lending Server is another peer to peer lending tool (also one I have not personally used). It is a fully automated service that uses artificial intelligence to underwrite your loans. Just customize your filter parameters and let them do the work for you. The software also considers macro economic data in their analysis to help investors maximize their return and significantly reduce risk.

Peer Lending Server:

P2P Lending Forums

LendAcademy Forum

Peter’s forum over at Lend Academy remains the most thriving p2p lending forum on the internet, with a wide diverse community of lenders in talks about a multitude of topics. It has sections for both Prosper and Lending Club, as well as all the major tools.

Lend Academy:

Other P2P Lending Forums // //


P2P lending sites and tools have come and gone over the years. There are a quite a number of financial blogs that cover peer to peer lending, but it is amazing how few sites there are solely dedicated to it. With regard to tools, Lending Club now have their own automated investing tool. This is sure to change in the coming years, as more and more people discover this exciting new asset class.

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