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Petplan Pet Insurance Review

Hands down, one of my favorite things about Petplan is that they understand insurance can be confusing and build their website as a resource for pet owners [lovers] to get the facts they need. While many competitors’ websites try to corner you into getting a quote, Petplan puts their years of knowledge out for any visitor to easily read and understand. Just like with human medical insurance, there are many options that can be tailored to the individual person. Shopping for your pets insurance is a bit harder because they cannot tell you what coverage they need. Fortunately, Petplan has over 35 years of experience & data to draw from in providing translation from what your particular breed of cat or dog would want in their insurance plan.

Learning and understanding pet insurance is just as important as the facts of why it is important to protect your pet. Small illnesses and accidents can seem easy to cover on your own but with raising medical costs and the possibility for repeat visits, the financials reveal the true benefit of pet insurance. For example; the average cost of a dog that gets food poisoning is $518 but can run as much as $4,872 depending on the severity of the issue, as with the example of Fido that ate a few packs of sugar-free gum. With out pet insurance the entire financial responsibility lies entirely on the owner. With Petplan insurance you would simple pay your selected deductible ($50-$200) and then receive your selected reimbursement back (80-100%). With the most premium plan you only would pay $50 of the $4,872!!

Petplan Contract Info

  • Full coverage for chronic + hereditary condition
  • Fast, no-hassle claims
  • Up to 100% reimbursement of vet bills
  • Coverage for specialized treatments + alternative therapies
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Why You Need Pet Insurance

  • Americans spent $15 billion on veterinary care in 2014
  • 1 in 3 pets will require unexpected veterinary care this year
  • Every 6 seconds, a pet parent faces a veterinary bill of $3,000 or more
  • Pet insurance protects your best friend and your budget
  • You can’t put a price on unconditional love. But you can budget for it.

Petplan Features

  • Reimbursements of 80-100% of total vet bill available.
  • Deductibles start at just $50
  • Specialty coverage and alternative treatment available.
  • Lifetime protection for your four legged friend
  • Oldest pet insurance company around, over 35 years of experience.

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