Shopping for Pet Insurance

How to choose the right pet insurance

You have made a great first step in finding insurance coverage for your pet! We have reviewed many different brands and learned the in’s and out’s of pet insurance to help you find the perfect package for your pooch (or kitty). Just like with your personal medical insurance, pet insurance is key for when there is a big problem with your furry friend. Many of the pet insurance companies we reviewed will cover up to 90% of the vet bill; ensuring that your pet gets the care it needs to get better.

Pet Insurance Policy “Must Haves”

We are going to make it easy on you. After checking out and researching pet insurance in depth we have compiled a list of the ‘must haves’ for pet insurance. Before purchasing, make sure the plan covers:

  • Accidental Illness
  • Surgery
  • Prescription Medication
  • Vet Hospitalization
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Emergency Care
  • Tests/Diagnostic Tests

One thing you may notice is not on the list is routine vet visits. These visits are reasonably affordable and it is really not worth spending the extra money on getting coverage for this. If this is a deal breaker for you, don’t worry, there are many plans that offer complete wellness packages that cover all your visits… Just be ready for the high price tag once you get to that step.

Making Sense of Pet Insurance Deductibles

There are many options for the different deductibles that pet insurance companies offer. Finding the good one is key to a solid plan for your pet.

Annual Deductible’s we found to be the best. They are very simple and you pay one deductible each year for any condition being treated.

Per-Condition Lifetime deductible’s came in second place in our review. For each condition your pet is treated for you pay a separate deductible. Once that deductible is paid, your pet is covered for that condition for their entire life.

Per-Condition Annual rounded out our top three. It is just like the per-condition lifetime where you pay per condition but the deductible resets each policy year.

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We breakdown the best pet insurance for 2016 to help you make an informed decision. Share with friends and let us know your thoughts on our picks for 2016!

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