Sky Blue Cedit Repair Review

Sky Blue has nailed in with their simple and easy to understand website. Get exactly what you are looking for quickly and without hassle either through their website or via their top ranked phone customer service. With over 20 years in the credit repair business, Sky Blue has used their experience to create a very user friendly repair process.

The process starts with Sky Blue reviewing your credit report and analyzing the items which they feel should be disputed. Once you approve this list, they will start working to dispute these items with the credit bureaus. Once an item is disputed with the credit bureau, they have 30 days to respond with authentication, if they do not get authentication then the negative issue must be taken off your credit report.

Sky Blue Contract Info

  • Monthly Subscription for the service
  • $59 Initial Fee
  • $59 Monthly fee
  • Couples discount; $99/month for the couple
  • Best 90 Guarantee in the industry
  • You need to provide a copy of your credit report.

Sky Blue Pricing Info

Initial Fee: $59

Monthly Fee: $59/month

90 Day Money Back Guarantee: Included

Sky Blue Features

  • List of credit issues that they feel needs to be fixed and action taken to fix these
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee; cancel anytime for any reason.
  • Best customer service in the business; via phone and email.
  • Sky Blue send you a list of tips to help you rebuild and improve your credit.
  • Affordable monthly and initial fees


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