Ranking LAX Parking Lots

There are many factors to consider when choosing and ranking parking lots. Each traveler has a different schedule and unique itinerary which makes it difficult to nail down one winner. For this reason we divided our ranking into four main categories; Closest to Terminal, Cheapest Price/Day, Best Coupon Code, and Best Hotel & Parking Deal. With in each of these categories we will examine what the top LAX parking lots have done to earn their number one seat.

Closest LAX Parking Lots to LAX Terminals


The convenience and additional options that Park ‘N Fly offers at their Los Angeles Airport location puts them at the top of our list for those looking to get in and out quick from the airport. With fantastic features like valet parking, you can still make your flight even if you were stuck in the [almost certain] LA traffic. With free shuttles running 24/7 you will have a ride to the airport right after you park. The crew at Park ‘n Fly will pick you up from your car within 5 minutes or less and drop you at your terminal.

If you are looking for the quickest and easiest way to park and make your flight, Park ‘N Fly is the best way to go. Just like with everything in life, there is a price for the convenience and Park ‘N Fly does run slightly more than other airport parking lots in Los Angeles. If you are a business traveler and commute through LAX frequently, there is a Frequent Parker Program that earns you free days. This helps to balance out the slightly higher per day cost for those who travel a lot.

Cheapest Price per Day Parking at LAX
Save up to 70% on airport parking!

If you are looking for the outright best prices from all the airport parking lots around Los Angeles International Airport, than this is your website! You will get a list and map of all the lowest priced parking lots to help you choose the one that works for you schedule and budget. This simple and easy to use website makes it a breeze to get the biggest savings on your next parking reservation. We have found savings at LAX airport parking lots for as much as 70% off normally advertised.

For those who are looking to book a long term parking reservation, AboutAirportParking.com is our top recommendation. All the lots that we reviewed from this site offer safe and secure parking. Choose a parking lot a little further from the terminals and you will save the most money.

Best LAX Parking Coupon Code 
Save On Airport Parking

We have found the holy grail of money saving LAX airport parking! Use coupon code, LAX44 to save $4/day off your entire reservation. Simply click over to AirportParkingReservations.com, choose your dates and enter the above code at checkout to see the savings instantly get applied! There are not many airport parking coupons out there so you can feel great about using this hard to find promo code and getting the best deal on Los Angeles airport parking.

Because these airport coupon codes are so difficult to find we felt that their should be a category that awards the companies for helping customers out. We will continue to update this page as more coupon codes come along but as of today, this is the best we could find!

Top LAX Hotel and Parking Deal 

There is nothing better than waking up just minutes away from your terminal and getting on your flight stress free! ParkSleepFly.com has came up with the perfect solution to a dilemma of many travelers, how do I travel better? Booking a hotel and airport parking separately can add up quick but by combining the two and utilizing hotel parking lots, the team at ParkSleepFly has created a simple yet effective solution. Here is how it works:

  1. Book a hotel room the night before your flight.
  2. Drive down a day before and get a good nights rest
  3. Take the Free Shuttle to you terminal and leave your car at the hotel
  4. Get a Free Shuttle when you return to your car and drive home.

It seems too good to be true and after you try this service once, we can almost guarantee you will not wake up at 3am again to drive to the airport the day of your flight. By staying the night before just minutes from the airport, you can focus on resting and preparing for what your day of travel has in store. Prepare for a big business presentation in the quiet of your own room or just get an extra day out of town to start your vacation early.

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